Global Two Way Communications and Navigation

G2way Low Level Earth Observation super spatial resolution Earth surface imagery European Satellite Navigation Competition Runner Up

G2way Ltd is a Geospatial technology development company based in Nottingham, close to the Nottingham Geospatial Building. This allows the company access to research facilities located within the GNSS Research Centre of Excellence (GRACE), such as the GNSS Receiver Test Track and GNSS laboratories. The company was founded by Mr Keith Geary in 2009 to develop “Global Two Way Communications and Navigation” systems.

G2way has developed technology for broadcasting satellite navigation data using digital radio, the project is named Area4D which won third place in the UK European Satellite Navigation 2010 competition; UK ESNC trials of the technology was carried out in July 2011, streaming NRTK data to a DRM transmitter in Austria and receiving in Nottingham, using a static receiver and mobile GNSS laboratory.

As part of a TSB funded project under the “Collaboration Nation” Space call, G2way led a project entitled; Establishment & Testing of “Area2D” a precision agriculture network, for the South East of England during May, June & July 2011.

During the Area2D research project, the issue of cloud cover preventing the timely acquisition of Earth Observation images was discussed with Dr Samuel Almond, who was at that time working for G-Step at the University of Leicester. Dr Almond worked with G2way to develop a project called Low Level Earth Observation, which became one of the first projects to be funded by the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre (ESABIC) at the Harwell Science & Innovation Campus, near Didcot in Oxfordshire.

The LLEO project started in July 2011 and became the first alumni of the UK ESABIC in July 2012. LLEO is now in its commercialisation stage, with a national service starting in March 2013