Low Level Earth Observation

Low Level Earth Observation LLEO produces super spatial resolution Earth surface imagery in the visible and Near Infra-Red region of the electromagnetic spectrum to support land surface management. The imagery is used to support variable rate nitrogen application at the field scale through deriving nitrogen maps of the cropped land (in the case of agricultural application).

LLEO aims to both support existing users of Earth Observation (EO) satellite images by providing them with timely imagery when satellite acquisitions are not feasible due to cloud cover, together with those users which require images in key stages of the vegetation growth cycle.

For more information please see http://www.ll-eo.com


G2way is developing its AREA4D technology for transmission of geo-referenced information using digital radio. AREA4D is a system for providing precise Location and Timing for Augmented Reality (AR) and Location Based Services (LBS).


G2way AREA4D

The distribution of Networked Real-Time Kinematics (NRTK) over Digital Audio Band (DAB) Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) will result in the provision of more widely available services and enable the delivery of enhanced GNSS related services to a far greater audience.

AREA4D technology will help create new market sectors and bring significant cost benefits to existing markets by the more efficient exploitation of data distribution using digital radio broadcast technology. The technical benefits of AREA4D will greatly improve the position accuracy and Time To First Fix (TTFF) of Personal Navigation Devices (PND) / Satellite Navigation devices (Sat Nav’s).

G2way AREA4D

AREA4D will use data from the European GNSS Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), obtaining it from the EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS), plus data from local and national Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS).

In addition, the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) data / Map Tiles, Traffic Data in the Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) standard, Weather Faxes and 3rd Party data such as Points Of Interest (POI) to supply information quickly, accurately and cheaply in a wide range of Augmented Reality and Location Based Services application areas, should enable the development of related products and services in hitherto ‘green field’ sectors such as agriculture, automotive and leisure boating.

AREA4D technology will use live GNSS signals from the United States' ‘Global Positioning System’ (GPS) and the Russian Federation’s ‘Global Navigation Satellite System’ (GLONASS); it will also enable seamless integration to the European Union’s Galileo system as soon as it comes on stream.

G2way AREA4D G2way AREA4D

DRM Based NRTK Transmission Test Report


As part of a TSB funded project (Establishment & Testing of “Area2D” a precision agriculture network, for the South East of England during May, June & July 2011) under the “Collaboration Nation” Space call in 2011, G2way worked with UbiPos Ltd and Proseed Consulting Ltd to improve NRTK signal availability and performance for auto steering systems fitted on agricultural machinery

G2way AREA2D G2way AREA2D

A paper entitled “Geospatial Data Fusion for Precision Agriculture“ was written detailing the projects findings, during this project an information day was given at the ISIC in Harwell, covering all aspects of Precision Agriculture. Following the event a web site was established to promote the development of a Centre for Precision Agriculture www.c4pa.co.uk.

G2way AREA2D G2way AREA2D G2way AREA2D

Geospatial Data Fusion for Precision Agriculture